About the card

  • Just one card, no more reprinting.
  • Trusted and reliable technology.
  • A real eco-friendly solution.

Slack Card Setup

Tap it over your phone or use the camera on the QR code and press the notification.

Link your profile

Log in to link your profile to your Slack Card. If you haven’t registered yet, please do in this step to automatically link your Slack Card.

Complete your profile

Complete your profile, please note all this information will be shared in your public profile.

Share your info

Tap it or scan the QR code, press the notification and your profile will be displayed.

The profile

  • All your information in just one profile.
  • Share your profile picture and your business logo.
  • Edit your profile within seconds.
  • Download your profile with just a click.

The card

  • QR Code with your profile.
  • Multiple designs for all the occasions.
  • Link multiple cards to just one profile!
  • Designed and printed to last long.